O|H 005: Opinions Heard Podcast – “The Plight of Homelessness”

In Episode 005 – Being Homeless is an issue that is usually frowned upon in Society. The judgment and ridicule are almost palpable due to some of societies beliefs that this can’t happen to them. True: Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol can play a part, but there are so many more facets to this problem. The sooner we, as a society realize this the sooner, we as a Nation can ban together and offer a sustainable solution. Generation Perspective wishes to address the plight of Homelessness by participating in a three-part series on the subject. We will discuss our perspective and have a forum whereas others can join in and voice their thoughts. We look forward to this New topic and hope all will join and express their opinions. Remember: As Individuals We are Strong, but Together WE ARE LEGION!!! Join The Generation Perspective and YOU SHALL BE HEARD.

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